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Indeed Apply Error Monitoring

At Indeed we have a team dedicated to monitoring day-to-day Indeed Apply stability of our partners. This team uses a variety of tools to ensure that Indeed Apply integrations remain healthy. If an issue arises with an integration, either through application delivery (post or email), or with screener question retrieval, Indeed will contact the ATS technical POC.  We will work with our partners to solve the problem and ensure that no applications are lost.

During a period of integration instability, Indeed may block a partner's Indeed Apply integration to ensure no further interruption to applies for job seekers.  This means that Indeed Apply will disappear from some or all of your clients' jobs on Indeed. The jobs will remain on Indeed, but job seekers will be redirected to the company site to complete the application.  

Once a solution is found to any issues Indeed will be able to resend previously failed applications.  

Note: Indeed does not store application data past 60 days for a failed application, so a timely resolution is needed in order to ensure no application data is permanently lost.

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