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Jobs Missing from Indeed

There are a few reasons why your clients’ job may not initially appear in the Indeed search results, including failure to adhere to our job posting guidelines. Even if jobs appear in search results initially, they can stop being displayed later. We encourage you to read through and familiarize yourself with our educational materials and work directly with your clients to ensure their jobs adhere to our guidelines to mitigate job quality issues. 

Here are the top 5 reasons jobs don’t appear in search results:

  1.   We haven’t received their jobs yet. It generally takes at least 24 hours for their jobs to show up on Indeed once you’ve added them to your feed. To locate your client’s jobs on Indeed, follow these instructions
  2.   Their job has reduced visibility due to violations of our job posting guidelines. We encourage ATSs to work proactively with their clients to ensure jobs adhere to our guidelines. You can find resources that address the top job quality issues on the Indeed Employer Help Center.
  3.  Jobs are duplicated onsite. Indeed is a search engine and even if we have a direct feed from an ATS, we may still aggregate listings from employer career pages, staffing agencies, job boards, and other sources. We do our best to filter out duplicate postings but it can take time for our system to identify duplicates. If a client thinks a job is being duplicated, they should reach out to us here.
  4. Their jobs are still being reviewed. The job seeker is the focus of Indeed’s mission to Help People Get Jobs. Our Search Quality team continuously reviews jobs that are sent to us from all sources, including from ATSs. Jobs that adhere to our job quality guidelines get their jobs on our site faster. To find out more about Search Quality at Indeed you can go to our Employer Help Center.

If a clients' jobs are still not showing on Indeed, please have them reach out to our Client Success Specialist team.


Note: Jobs that do not meet Indeed standards may be subject to review and require additional information. Listings that prove misleading, compromise the job seeker experience or those which we are not convinced represent a “real” job may be removed from search results altogether. Indeed may reject or remove any job and may disable any Company's account, for any or no reason. We cannot give every reason why a job or a company may be removed, and we always retain the right to remove any job, organic or sponsored, if we feel it is in our interest or our users’ interest.

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