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Indeed Oauth / Indeed Resume FAQ

“Use My Indeed Resume”, or UMIR, allows external apps to access private details of an Indeed user’s account without requesting, storing, or transmitting the user’s password.

This happens using a secure protocol called Oauth.

UMIR uses the Oauth protocol allowing you, the ATS, to access Indeed job seeker's private data (CV, phone, email, etc.) for a given time frame in order to complete an apply or validate an account.

Once the ATS obtains what is called the authorization token, the ATS can then make a request to the Indeed API to access the private details of the Indeed user.

This is especially useful since it allows the ATS to auto-fill multiple fields at the beginning of the application process, saving the user time to complete the application form on the ATS hosted site.

UMIR is not to be confused with Indeed Apply, where the ATS is receiving a complete application from a user applying for a job.

Read more about UMIR and Oauth here, or contact your Alliances Manager for additional information.

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