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Indeed Job Formatting

Indeed uses the <description> tags in your ATS comprehensive XML feed to display the job description on the Indeed site.

Indeed supports descriptions formatted using HTML tags/elements. This is our preferred formatting method and will result in a more consistent formatting experience on the Indeed SERP pages for your clients' positions.

If your integration is from before January 2018 or was implemented using plain text, please review our online documentation listed at the bottom of this article and implement HTML tracking.  When you're ready for this to go live in your feed, please contact to inform us so we can ensure the transition is seamless. 



<h2 id="job-description">Job Description:</h2>


<li>Do you have 1-3 years of sales experience?</li>

<li> Are you relentless at closing the deal? </li>

<li>Are you ready for an exciting and high-speed career in sales? If so, we want to hear from you!</li></ul>

<font style="font-weight:bold">Benefits</font>

<p>We provide competitive compensation, including stock options and a full benefit plan. As a fast-growing business, we offer excellent opportunities for exciting and challenging work. As our company continues to grow, you can expect unlimited career advancement! </p>



Note that the full description text still needs to be wrapped inside CDATA.

An up to date list of the HTML tags/elements supported can be found in our technical online docs here.

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