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ATS Integrations with Indeed

Indeed Apply Integration:

The Indeed Alliances team works with ATSs to set up Indeed Apply integrations. Indeed Apply is Indeed’s easy, mobile-optimized application process that replicates an employer’s job application so that a job seeker can apply for a job quickly on the Indeed site or mobile app. 

Disposition Data Integration

To continuously improve our products, Indeed works with ATS partners to close the loop on the applications sent through our search engine so that we can help job seekers better understand whether the skills on their resumes meet the requirements in a job description. To do this work, ATS partners send disposition statuses back to us to improve the quality of applications.

 Interested in Integrating with Indeed?

Our Platform Partner Integrations are by invitation only. If you would like to be considered for integration, you may use the ATS Partnership Request Form to provide additional information about your company. We review all requests, and if we determine that you are a candidate for integration, a member of the Alliances Team will reach out to you.

Please note that if your primary objective for seeking integration with Indeed is to distribute your client's jobs to Indeed’s platform, your clients are welcome to contact Indeed Customer Support to request that Indeed directly index their Career Pages.

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