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Indeed Analytics

Indeed Analytics gives clients tools to understand how their recruitment strategy is working on Indeed.  It offers engagement and cost reports for both job and campaign performance. Engagement reports show raw impressions, click through rate, clicks, apply rate and number of applies. Cost reports show average cost per click, number of clicks, total cost, applies and average cost per apply.

Why should employers use Indeed Analytics?

  • Indeed Analytics is free for all employers, but if that's not reason enough, it also...
  • Evaluates performance trends and helps make informed adjustments.
  • Shows the value of investing appropriately with Indeed.
  • Helps employers get the most out of their campaigns with self-serve data.

Where is Indeed Analytics available?

Indeed Analytics is available globally, except in Arabic and Hebrew speaking markets.

How does Indeed Analytics work?

  • The default dashboard view has a graph that shows engagement over time.
  • 5 Highest/Lowest Performing Jobs metric is based first off of apply rate (click-to-apply conversions) and then off of click-thru-rate (impression-to-click) in cases of ties or when no apply data is present.
  • 3 Highest/Lowest Performing Campaigns metric is based on average conversion for the selected time period.
  • Job Performance Report provides a breakdown of individual job performance. It shows raw impressions, click thru rate, clicks, apply rate and number of applies. You can filter by job title, city, state/region, country and company. 
  • Campaign Performance Report will generate all of the campaigns listed in the advertiser account. Clicking on the campaign name will open a campaign 'drawer' that shows the percent of sponsored traffic, impressions, clicks and applies each job accounts for in that campaign. This information can showcase which job postings in the campaign are receiving the most traffic and is exportable as a CSV file.
  • Report views allows alternate ways to view the report. When you click on the job title, you’ll be able to view the job description, title and access a link that leads to the job page.
  • You can access shareable links under the Job Performance Report or the Campaign Performance Report. 


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