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Disposition Data

What is it?

Disposition Data is data that records the status or sequence of statuses an application is given as an employer interacts with it in their ATS, along with the date and time of the change in that status. Disposition statuses include “interviewed,” “rejected,” and “hired,” for example. Status is paired with an anonymized application ID and a date/time stamp to signal a change in Disposition Data.

Why is it important?

The Disposition Data that Indeed collects from global ATSs is being aggregated and analyzed by the job seeker product team. Disposition Data is used to improve the targeting of job advertisements and the application experience to help candidates better understand how the skills on their resumes meet their requirements

Sharing disposition data is an increasingly common requirement in the recruitment advertising space, and as of 2019, it is also a requirement for an ATS partnership integration.



All data shared is anonymized, encrypted, and in line with our Privacy Policy.

To learn how to implement disposition data and obtain a link to the technical documentation, please contact your Alliances Manager or reach out to

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