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When your clients sponsor a job to Indeed, they will have access to their Indeed Account Dashboard. This dashboard provides a detailed snapshot of their sponsored jobs performance metrics and can be accessed when logged into their Indeed Account at They are able to adjust views, breaking it out by campaign and timeframe, download a CSV and view historic performance on deleted roles.


What the metrics mean:

  •  Impressions: how many times your job has showed up in a Indeed search
  • Clicks: how many unique clicks your job has received
  • Applies: how many applies your job has received
  • CTR: your jobs clicks through rate (% clicks to impressions)
  • Apply Rate: your job’s apply rate (% applies to clicks)
  • Cost: current PPC charges accrued to job
  • Avg CPC: average cost per click for the job (this will vary day to day based on job seeker search activity)
  • CPA: cost per apply (clicks to applies)

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