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Sponsored Job Pricing and Pay-Per-Click Advertising

New jobs are added to Indeed all the time and our search results are made up of both free and sponsored job listings. When people search for jobs on Indeed, we deliver results based on relevance and time. Free listings will lose visibility in search results over time, since 10 jobs are added to Indeed every second. Sponsored Jobs get higher visibility in front of the right talent even as time passes, encouraging more applications. 

Sponsored Jobs are priced on a pay for performance model, with charges incurred only when interested job seekers click on a Sponsored Job. There are no upfront fees, no long-term contracts, and a client never pays for anything they don't use. The employer only pays for the results they receive with Indeed. 

Once an employer decides to sponsor your jobs on Indeed, they set a daily or monthly budget. Indeed will then automatically manage the campaign, adjusting your PPC bid throughout the month to get as many clicks as possible for the lowest cost. When an employer increases their budget, the Sponsored Jobs will get increased visibility, resulting in increased clicks. 

You can learn more about pricing on our Employer Help Center here


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